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July 3, 2024
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James Wilson

Hair Transplant: Expert Guide to Success (5 Unique Insights)

Table of ContentsWhat is it?How does it work?StagesMethodsDoes it work? Effectiveness Success rateWho is a good candidate?Is it permanent?Forever fix?SafetyPainDuration of SurgerySide EffectsCostsInternational Hair TransplantSumming Up Going for a hair…

James Wilson

James co-founded Tecnifue International and has guided thousands of patients personally since 2012 in their hair transplant journey. He is a trusted voice in Turkey's hair restoration scene and your go-to source for the best insights.

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Published on 11 October, 2023
*Complications of Hair Transplant Procedures—Causes and Management
Published online 2021 Dec 31 by Indian J Plast Surg.

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