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July 22, 2024
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James Wilson

So, you’re considering a Hair Transplant in Turkey, and, of course, you want to make the best decision possible, right?

Where do you even begin?

If you’ve been doing some online research, you’ve likely come across all sorts of claims and clinics, but most of the content is just PR.

Finding reliable, transparent information can be quite a challenge, can’t it?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

In this guide, I’ve compiled 15 invaluable expert tips to boost your chances of a successful hair transplant in Turkey.

But before we jump in, let me introduce myself.

I’m James, co-founder of Tecnifue International Hair Clinic.

Since 2012, our clinic has been delivering top-quality hair transplant surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey, to patients from over 28 countries.

I’ve helped thousands of international patients struggling with hair loss get their full head of hair back.

In my years as a hair transplant operation and hair growth professional, I have gained deep insights into every detail of a hair transplant procedure.

Whether dealing with the Follicular Unit Extraction or Direct Hair Implantation hair transplant technique, our experienced surgeons have a solid track record.

With over 12 years of experience in hair restoration, I’m here to explain everything in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way.

This guide will aid you with insider knowledge that will help you make smart choices when dealing with hair transplant clinics in Turkey and worldwide.

Ready to dive in?

Let’s get started!

Tip 1 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Ask how many Surgeries the clinic performs a day.

This might be one of the most critical questions for a Hair Transplant in Turkey.

The number of surgeries performed a day might not be the first tip that comes to your mind, yet it’s a critical one.

You see, Turkey is a popular medical tourism destination for hair transplant procedures. The Medical tourism industry is worth Billions of US Dollars.

The country has some of the best hair transplant specialists, and with hair transplant prices being much lower than in the USA or other Western Countries, it’s a preferred destination.

Turkish Hair Transplant Clinics are considered to be some of the best clinics in the world.

Most Turkish clinics offer the latest techniques and use advanced technology.

Hair Transplant services in Turkey include the DHI Hair Transplant(Choi Pen) and FUE Method.

The FUE Technique(individual hair follicles harvested) is sometimes called Sapphire FUE(Sapphire Blades).

It’s the same method, but remember, it has nothing to do with the follicular unit transplantation method (FUT).

So, the combination of affordable hair transplants and advanced techniques has proven to be a golden mix.

Quality services and all-in hair transplant packages complete the mix.

This has led to some Turkish hair transplant clinics growing very fast, to the point where some clinics perform 15-20 procedures a day.

If you think that’s a good thing since that’s a big clinic, I invite you to think again on this occasion.

Numbers don’t mean everything!

A hair transplant clinic that does a high number of surgeries a day isn’t necessarily good.

Let me explain the reality.

The reality is that a hair transplant in Istanbul is generally performed within a day.

A Hair Transplant Surgeon can Oversee a Limited number of patients a day

Some clinics, for instance, do 15 surgeries or more daily.

This high number of hair transplant surgeries can negatively impact managing this high number of hair transplant procedures at a single facility, with all the work involved in a hair transplant procedure.

Max 2 Patients a Day Per Surgeon.

A clinic with just two surgeons risks factory-like conditions, reducing personalized care and the quality of hair transplant services.

So, what happens if only two hair transplant surgeons are within the clinic?

Well, matters soon become like a factory, where the unique patient risks not getting personalized patient care from the hair transplant surgeons involved.

More personalized care is needed to ensure the chance of delivering high-quality hair transplantation services.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Consultation Tecnifue International Hair Clinic

Managing time is a Challenge for such Turkish Clinics

Time is a significant matter in the hair transplant process at Turkish Clinics.

Turkish Hair Transplant Doctors work under severe time pressure if they have to help more than two patients a day.

This time pressure occurs because the next patient in line is waiting for a consultation.

Such time pressure can result in not fully understanding the individual needs of the patients.

A Hair Transplant is a Cosmetic Procedure.

Hair transplant experts must remember they’re performing cosmetic surgery, where understanding patient needs is crucial for satisfaction and results.

As Hair Transplant experts, we should constantly remind ourselves that we are dealing with Cosmetic Surgery in essence.

Understanding patients’ needs in any Plastic Surgery is critical from a good customer service perspective and also a positive final result.

How to Minimize Human Error and Ensure High Success Rates?

But time is not the only factor here.

Surgical procedure protocols need to be standardized to ensure natural-looking results and minimize human error in hair treatments.

The medical team involved needs to ensure that each patient’s personal situation is sufficiently integrated into the treatment plan or discussed in detail during the actual consultation.

The treatment plan goes beyond deciding on which hair transplant method would be the best option for the patient.

Patient become just numbers.

As a busy hair transplant surgeon seeing multiple patients daily, personal attention may decline, making patients feel like mere numbers.

In simpler words, if you see 4-5 patients every day, day in and day out, as a hair transplant surgeon, the following scenario is inevitable:

Patients become numbers. But you are more than just a number!

Hair restoration is, for most people, a once-in-a-lifetime procedure.

A Hair Transplant in Turkey is not a Commodity

It’s unlike any other hair loss treatment, where you determine what works best for you through trial and error.

A Hair Transplant procedure is permanent, and you have only one good chance!

This is because healthy hair follicles from the donor area are limited in number.

The outcomes of a Hair Transplant are permanent.

Hair transplants are lifelong commitments, not returnable commodities. Success requires personalized care, natural results, and manageable clinic workflows, challenging in high-volume settings.

It’s not a commodity where you buy something and can return it the next day because you do not like the product.

The competitive prices and all-inclusive packages might tempt you to bargain, but keep the following in mind.

You will carry the hair transplant result with you for the rest of your life.

A personalized approach is, therefore, critical for a successful outcome.

By the way, do you wonder how I would describe a successful hair transplant result?

To me, it’s a natural result with good hair density. It has to look and feel natural.

The clinic’s workflows should accommodate this.

This just becomes very hard with clinics who perform a high number of hair transplant surgeries in a single day.

Take Advantage of Other Individual’s Hair Transplant Experiences in Turkey

After receiving feedback from patients who came to our hair transplant clinic for their second hair transplant, I formulated this tip.

They did their first treatment elsewhere at a hair transplant clinic, where they did many surgeries in a single day.

We have also confirmed these findings throughout our industry network.

Before answering the maximum number of patients that a clinic should operate a day, let me first make a personal comment.

When I am personally considering a Medical procedure or any important buying decision, I always try to see how personalized the service and care are.

I am not a number and don’t like anyone to treat me like a number.

Most people can relate to that.

I am sure you do as well.

No one likes to feel like they are just a number.

At such clinics, you will likely feel like a number, so keep this in mind when you do your research.

What is the Sweet Spot for the maximum number of Patients Per Day?

Before finalizing our first tip, I promised to give you the ideal number based on our experience.

4 Patients a day is the Sweet Spot.

Limiting to 3-4 hair transplant patients daily ensures personalized care, crucial for top-quality outcomes.

This maximum is 3 to 4 patients a day.

We have accepted more patients in a day, up to 6 on certain occasions, but we have lowered our max number to 4 currently.

Our medical team and I could not provide personalized care to all six patients.

Customized care is paramount in becoming one of the world’s best hair transplant clinics.

Yes, we delivered on our promises, but it didn’t feel correct because we could not give the personal attention and care we like to give to all of our patients so they don’t feel like numbers.

The choice is yours, but now you have at least another perspective to look at matters.

James having a chat with three patients the next day after their hair transplant surgery at Tecnifue International

Tip 2 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Ask for the setup of the Medical team during a Hair Transplant in Turkey.

This information will give you insights into the experience of the involved medical team members.

A hair restoration procedure is very labor-intensive.

From initial Hair Analysis to gentle hair care to post-operative care, there is tremendous work involved in hair transplant surgery.

Imagine that we extract 4.000 hair grafts from your donor site.

Such extraction means 4.000 individual actions.

This means that in the case of a FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant, 4,000 small incisions are made in the recipient area.

After channel opening, 4.000 hair grafts are manually implanted one by one.

It is impossible for one single Hair Transplant Doctor to do all this work alone.

Therefore, a team of 3 to 4 Medical specialists is involved to support the Hair Transplant Surgeon.

This team generally consists of the Hair Transplant Surgeon and Support technician staff.

What is the Involvement of the Hair Transplant Doctor?

Generally, the involvement of the Hair Transplant Surgeon for a hair transplant in Turkey involves the following:

They perform the consultation, draw the new hairline, craft a hair transplant treatment plan, and oversee the whole hair restoration procedure.

So, the surgeon has a crucial role.

Double-check the Doctor’s involvement.

The Doctor plays a vital role in the outcome. Make sure to verify at which stages he will be involved in your procedure.

From a technical work perspective, the surgeon will be involved in the hair graft extraction phase and channel incision phase in the case of a Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) Hair Treatment.

Depending on the seniority and experience of the technicians, the technician staff will be part of the extraction and implantation phases.

It is important to ask about the involvement of the doctor and technician since this will give you a good idea of how serious and organized a clinic is.

It will protect you from unpleasant surprises on the day of the treatment.

I want to confirm that technicians can be great and are the backbone of hair transplants in Turkey and Turkish clinics.

Yet, correctly integrating technicians into a hair restoration procedure is essential.

Tecnifue Doctor and Senior Technician performing extraction during Hair Transplant at Tecnifue International

Tip 3 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Ask when the clinic was founded and who the Founders are.

Evaluate a clinic’s longevity, founder’s vision, and leadership to gauge their experience and integrity in hair restoration.

I am not sure whether I have heard this somewhere or made my version out of it.

However, I have often used the following phrase when researching a company or a person: “The way the head is, so is the body.”

The above is a Turkish Proverb translated into English.

With this, I refer to the Leadership of a business.

What was the founders’ vision? Why did they establish the company? Would I consider them honest people?

You should do the same when you research a clinic.

Who founded the clinic, and for what purpose other than running a business?

What’s the vision behind the company? More importantly, what vibe do you get from them?

The when gives an idea about the built-up hair restoration know-how.

Why a Solid Track Record Matters in Hair Restoration

The longer a clinic has been around, the more procedures they probably have done.

I am referring to a solid track record in hair transplant procedures.

Thus, a hair transplant clinic with a longer history has accumulated know-how that is superior to that of a clinic that opened its doors recently.

Track Record Matters.

Longer-established hair transplant clinics are more likely to offer more experience and reliable quality.

However, it also gives an idea about their success from a quality and good business practice perspective.

It’s fair to assume that a business operating for many years has their business in good order.

Another way to look at it is the probability of a business continuing its activity for more years.

This probability is higher for established businesses compared to a relatively new company.

In other words, you can rely on a business that has been around for many years, especially when you need them again in the future.

James with Patients in 2017 next day after their Hair Transplant Surgery

Tip 4: Check Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

Check for Patient Reviews.

Video reviews and detailed testimonials with before-and-after photos are more credible and valuable for evaluating hair transplant clinics.

In today’s world, this is a no-brainer.

And most of us do it. But there is a catch to it.

Clinics can, unfortunately, manipulate written reviews, and knowing what to look for in reviews is essential.

Video Reviews of patients’ hair transplant journeys are good references. They are more credible.

Furthermore, the content of the reviews can give you a good insight.

For instance, a short review stating that you are happy with the service is an okay review, but it doesn’t say too much, does it?

But imagine a review where the service and the whole hair transplant journey are more explicitly explained, including actual pictures that give you a good idea of the whole experience.

Such a review is more valuable for researching a clinic’s service.

The best reviews are those with actual before and after results, which are at the top of the pyramid in terms of value.

My point with this tip is to dig deeper and read the reviews with more skepticism.

Ask yourself how the reviews make you feel when you read them.

Do they feel like genuine reviews, and can you relate to what the patients say?

If Yes, those are probably genuine reviews you can use as part of your clinic research process.

What about Negative Hair Transplant Experience Reviews?

Look for them and give great attention to them.

It clearly will give you an idea of how high their success rate is.

But it also gives you an insight into how the clinic deals with unhappy patients.

Rayan from NY sharing his experience at Tecnifue International after his Hair Transplant

Tip 5 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Check the Website Carefully.

Evaluate a clinic’s website for authenticity, trustworthiness, and expertise; a well-organized, informative site reflects a credible business.

Online presence is essential.

A website is like the digital home of a business.

It will give you a good idea of how the house is organized and internally designed.

It will also show you how a business sees itself.

Ask yourself how their website feels.

Does the site feel authentic and trustworthy, and would you consider the company to be an expert in their field based on their website?

Another good question is, would you recommend the website to any of your friends or family members as a good site for their problems?

If you have answered yes, that’s a good sign.

But the website’s content is critical here. It’s like the host if you visit a home.

Does the host take good care of you?

Does what the host has to say make sense?

Does it feel comfortable to be there, so do you want to stay longer?

You might be thinking, James, this is just a website we were talking about.

How did we end up here?

The parallel is a very correct one if you think deeper.

Just think about it briefly; I am sure you will get there.

Use the filters above next time you visit a website; you will notice that you already have certain behaviors when you visit a website.

These are probably unconscious behaviors that use some of the filters above to decide your experience with a site you visit.

Tip 6: Study the Before and After Results of a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Carefully Study the Before and After Results of a Clinic.

Study before-and-after results carefully, focusing on natural, individualized hairlines; avoid clinics with uniform designs, indicating quick, non-customized procedures.

This tip might be another obvious one, but wait, there is more to it than you realize.

Let me explain.

This tip is not about going through the Results and imagining yourself with your new hair.

That is very normal to do, by the way.

But it’s much more than that.

Take time to carefully study each individual before and after the results.

When you check before and after pictures, the first impressions of most before and after results are impressive.

But here’s the catch.

It is very typical to be impressed since the change is significant, and you are excited because you now know that there is a solution to your problem as well.

Your excitement is understandable, and I share your excitement, but when you go beyond that, you might catch important details about hairlines.

Meticulous Hair Line Design at Tecnifue International

Here is the deal.

Each individual has unique facial characteristics.

A hairline must fit in this so the result looks natural.

Let me share a personal story.

I was imagining my hairline for months before my hair transplant—yes, months! That’s how seriously I take hairline design.

Before and After James

Hairline design is one of the most underrated and underestimated parts of hair restoration in terms of its difficulty.

At our clinic, hairline design can easily take 30 to 45 minutes to look natural and fit the patient’s natural hairline structure.

So, let me give you an actionable tip here.

Study each hairline in detail. Just watch the pictures for a couple of minutes.

And repeat this a couple of times.

Now, ask yourself whether it feels and looks natural. If it does, that’s great!

If not, that’s a red flag!

Another tip is to see if all of their hairlines look the same.

Certain clinics use the same hairline for all of their patients.

This is another red flag, as it is generally a sign of quick hairline drawings rather than customized hairline designs.

Before and After Result of Hair Transplant of Josh Mackenzie Patient of Tecnifue International

Tip 7 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Ask if You can contact a previous Patient of the Clinic about their experince.

Connecting with previous patients provides valuable insights and support for your hair transplant decision, enhancing your research process.

Some patients who contact us for their hair restoration procedure ask if they can connect with one of our previous patients.

We have some patients who are happy to do this for us.

Talking to previous patients can help you research a clinic.

Who better than previous clinic patients can tell you how the clinic works and what you can expect?

Connecting with a previous patient of the hair transplant clinic you’re considering is excellent as part of your research.

Therefore, ask if you can contact a previous clinic patient to ask about their experiences.

These are individuals who, at a certain point, were facing the same problem you are facing, so they can relate to you.

That isn’t all there is to it.

Talking to someone who has done a hair transplant already can also be motivating and supportive.

Tip 8 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Ask for a telephone or Video Call with someone from the clinic.

In-person video or phone consultations provide better trust and connection than online chats for hair transplant decisions.

I get it.

It’s very convenient in today’s world to get everything you need with the click of a mouse tap on your mobile screen.

You can also get your answers through great chatting tools. We use them, too, in our interactions with our patients.

But remember.

You are not buying a commodity here, as I mentioned before.

I don’t know about you, but I am from a generation that likes to look a person in the eye to see who I am dealing with.

Or I would at least like to have a phone call.

A Video or a Phone Call will allow you to address your concerns directly.

By doing this, you are giving yourself a chance to gauge the kind of feeling you are getting from the person you are dealing with.

Remember that the person you are dealing with is a representative of the clinic that will perform your hair transplant.

You will get an excellent idea of who you are dealing with.

Remember, it is very fair for you to ask for this since you are entrusting them with literally your head.

It’s a big deal. Clinics that understand this will allow you to discuss matters via phone or video.

Tip 9 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Test the clinic’s Technical Knowledge.

Ask technical questions to gauge a clinic’s expertise. Inconsistent or vague answers are red flags; thorough, knowledgeable responses confirm their competence.

Formulate some technical questions to ask and see how they respond to them.

Asking technical questions will give you an idea of the clinic’s know-how.

Let me help you out here.

Let’s say you get a quote from a clinic that states a certain number of grafts and a method that they deem suitable for you.

Ask them why.

Why do you think this number of hair grafts and this hair transplant method is good for me?

A possible answer you might get could be the following;

This method and the number of grafts will give you the best result possible.

The best result possible is a too-vague answer.

The person you’re dealing with will need to develop something better.

If the person can, great, but see if the more elaborate answer is technically correct and makes sense.

Just one side note to this tip: I want you to know.

To use this tip, you must educate yourself on the dynamics of a hair restoration procedure.

We have plenty of helpful content on our website to help you.

What you are looking for is confirmation of the correct knowledge.

The answers you get will confirm that the clinic knows what they are talking about. Inconsistencies, on the other hand, are red flags.

Tip 10 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Trust Your Gut Feeling.

Trust your gut feeling when choosing a hair transplant clinic; it’s a valuable tool based on past experiences and instincts.

The old saying “trust your gut feeling” is another favorite.

How is this an actionable tip?

Trust me, it is!

Let me explain.

Think of some of your past experiences where you had to decide upon buying something.

It all looked good, but something didn’t feel right.

Now, you might have experienced the following two scenarios.

You ended up doing it anyway, and your decision was a bad one, so your gut feeling was right here.

Or you decide not to do it and get additional information confirming your gut feeling.

So your gut feeling was right here.

If you have some millage in life like I do(I turned 40 last year), you probably have experienced good and bad things.

You have met good people and people with intentions that weren’t in your interest(being diplomatic here).

Your gut feeling, instinct, sixth sense, or whatever you want to call it, is another tool of yours that is trying to protect you from making bad decisions. Please listen to it and include this in the equation when deciding to go to a certain hair transplant clinic in Turkey(or anywhere else in the world).

Tip 11 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Never Pay a Deposit to Secure or Block an Operation date/

Choose a hair transplant clinic that allows cancellations without financial loss, ensuring your confidence and flexibility in decision-making.

Once you have decided to opt for a hair transplant clinic, some clinics in Turkey might ask you to pay a deposit to secure a treatment date at their clinic.

A deposit is a commitment they ask to protect themselves.

I get that.

But here’s the catch.

What if the clinic does not keep some of its promises after arriving in Turkey for your hair restoration treatment?

What if you feel you need more confidence to proceed with the clinic after the on-site consultation?

The reasons for this can be diverse.

Here’s what I believe.

You should always have the option not to proceed, and your potential financial loss should not influence your decision to cancel.

Any healthy-minded person will understand that you didn’t make the whole trip and the expenses for the flight to cancel on the day of the treatment.

You agree on this, right?

Let me explain what you should have as a right.

You should have the right to cancel.

That simple!

A booked flight ticket is sufficient commitment to block a date for international patients coming to Turkey for a hair transplant.

Tip 12 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Ask for an Offer and Written Confirmation of the Agreement.

Get a detailed, written agreement from the clinic, covering costs, payment methods, procedures, accommodations, transportation, and aftercare to avoid stress.

Always ensure you get an offer and written confirmation of the agreement you have made with the clinic.

The written confirmation should include the following:

*The exact amount that You need to pay and in which Currency

*Payment forms. Are cash Payments only accepted, or are Card Payments Allowed? If Card Payments are allowed, confirm any markup fees as well.

Markup fees can be significant for International Cards in Turkey.

*The Method of Hair restoration for your hair transplant.

*The number of Grafts that are part of the package.

*How many nights of accommodation are included, and at what facility? How many stars does the facility have, and what is the name of the hotel facility?

Ensure sufficient recovery time is calculated before your post-op op checkup and first wash.

*Transportation from and to the Airport. Transportation between clinic and Hotel.

*The necessary aftercare products and medication for a successful healing process and recovery.

In certain situations, you might enjoy a special discounted rate because of the clinic’s ongoing promotional campaign.

Having your agreement on paper will avoid unnecessary stress on the day of the treatment and will give you peace of mind.

Tip 13 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Ask Explicitly What a Result Guarantee Implies.

A “Lifetime Growth Guarantee” isn’t sufficient; ensure the clinic guarantees a measurable hair graft survival rate and addresses patient satisfaction policies.

A Lifetime Growth Guarantee is not a Guarantee!

Transplanted hairs should grow for a lifetime.

The time horizon lifetime is obviously open to discussion, but I won’t get into that for now.

Let’s focus on what an actual Guarantee should entail.

First, what is the hair graft survival rate the clinic Guarantees?

This hair graft survival rate is one of the best parameters for determining the success of a hair transplant, and it is measurable.

What will happen if this transplanted hair growth percentage is not achieved?

The patient should ask for the guaranteed graft survival rate and include it in the guarantee by the hair restoration clinic.

You could also ask what will happen if you are unsatisfied with the outcome.

This is a more subjective matter, referring to the clinic’s patient satisfaction policy, but it is still relevant to this topic, so I want to discuss it shortly as well.

Understanding patient expectations and creating realistic expectations for the patient is fundamental for a healthy clinic-patient relationship.

Creating realistic expectations and ensuring the patients are well informed is the ethical responsibility of professionals operating in the hair restoration industry.

If a patient is not completely satisfied despite these efforts, the hair transplant clinic and the patient should dialogue to ensure that the situation is solved as best as possible.

Good dialogue is the only solution possible in such situations.

But you can ask a clinic what their policy is on this.

Will they be on your side to help you with that?

If not, that is certainly something you want to consider when deciding whether to have your hair transplant procedure at such a clinic.

Tip 14 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Don’t Fall for Fake PR

Focus on the three real hair transplant methods: FUT, FUE, and DHI. Ignore marketing terms promising “latest technology” without scientific backing.

Did you see attractive new terms when you were browsing sites claiming to have a new revolutionary tool or hair restoration method?

Let me make up a few( I might be giving others some ideas here 😊)

Super Gold FUE, DHI Triple Action Implanter pen, Micro Plus, Digi Fue Max Pro.. and so on…

I am sure you will find many variations when you Google.

There are three methods you need to remember.

Let’s unpack this shortly.

We have explained FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation), FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction), and DHI(Direct Hair Implantation) in detail on our site.

Check out our pages on these hair restoration methods for detailed information.

But that’s it. These are the existing methods.

The Moral of the Story?

The other so-called methods are nothing more than marketing terms that create an illusion of having the latest technology at their hair transplant clinic.

That is just not true.

If anyone claims differently, ask for a scientific paper reference, and please share it with me so I can update myself on that particular new method.

You get the message; don’t fall for it.

Tip 15 for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Don’t go for the Cheapest Option Possible.

Hair transplants in Turkey offer good value, but prioritize quality over low prices. High service levels and experienced staff justify higher costs.

I am sure that you have heard this before.

You get what you pay for.

That’s not much different for a Hair Transplant in Turkey, either.

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is significantly cheaper than in other countries.

Affordable hair transplant prices can be pretty appealing regarding the hair transplant costs involved.

And I get it; no one wants to pay more than necessary.

I am the same and no different from you on this one.

But here’s an important thought for you.

Remember that a Hair Transplant in Turkey is also a Medical Procedure.

I don’t play with my health when it concerns a Medical Procedure.

And if it’s something esthetical, I am always ready to pay more for a better outcome.

That’s how I view it.

And let’s be honest here: You are already getting a good bargain.

The average prices of a hair transplant in Turkey are already much lower compared to the USA and many other Western countries.

You should adopt a similar approach to mine regarding Medical procedures for the best result possible.

And here’s something I want you to think about.

Turkey Has been suffering from high inflation for the last few years.

Turkey has had very high inflation rates over the previous two years.

The average cost of living has risen significantly, and it’s no longer a cheap country.

The low prices of a hair transplant in Turkey are no longer sustainable since lower costs are from the past.

Healthy hair transplant clinics in Turkey must adapt prices to keep their people and continue serving their patients at excellent service levels.

Keeping good people and maintaining a high service level comes at a certain cost.

Remember that price is just one aspect of the deal, which is undoubtedly essential.

Yet you and I know that the cost of living has risen around the Globe, and you have probably seen this around you.

Despite this, a hair restoration procedure in Turkey is still offered at very affordable prices.

And this is a crucial takeaway to keep in mind from this tip.

No matter the price raise, the service and quality you get at a reputable clinic are still bargains compared to what you would pay in your own country.

So you have a significant gain here already.

Ask yourself this question.

What do you think hair transplant clinics would have to do to be able to offer the lowest price possible?

Think about this briefly and forget about your budget and financial interest.

Now, try to find answers to it.

The answers won’t be in your favor, and they will most likely not be in favor of realizing the best result and the best quality service.

It’s your choice if you opt for the lowest price possible.

I’m sorry to phrase it this way, but I can’t help myself and do not intend to offend anyone.

But if you want the lowest price possible, that says something about what you want as an outcome. You might get the lowest quality result possible.

Final Word About the Tips for a Successful Hair Transplant in Turkey

So there you have it.

Now, you have the tools to do your research before committing to a hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

There are more tips, but they would be too technical, which many of the Medical Consultants you deal with would be unable to answer anyway.

These 15 tips are sufficiently comprehensive.

The more complex technicalities require a technical understanding based on real-life experience in the hair restoration field.

Occasionally, I am surprised by the level of research certain patients do.

One patient, for instance, asked me how we determine the angle of extraction, depth of incision, and spatial pattern of hair extraction and implanting.

These are patients who went deep.

Other interested patients keep it very basic, such as:

What are the possible side effects of the hair transplant?

What can I do to improve my hair care?

How does the local anesthesia process work?


Of course, I gladly answer all of these fundamental and technically more complex questions.

I have learned this as a professional after dealing with thousands of patients personally.

Most patients need reassurance, which we try to give them.

The tips I have outlined above are great for your due diligence research on the clinic you are considering.

Being able to ask such good questions and knowing the possible red flags will give you that feeling of reassurance.

We all look for this feeling of reassurance when making decisions that will have a big impact on our lives.

You will find some of the answers by studying the content provided by a clinic.

However, you will probably have to get some answers from the Medical Consultant of the clinic you are dealing with.

However, based on the feedback you get and the information you find, you will have a very good idea of the clinic that you are dealing with.

Please help us by making helpful content about a hair transplant in Turkey available to more people in need

If you have made it this far, let me first of all congratulate you.

You understand the importance of the decision that lies ahead of you.

Preparing this content for you has taken me literally weeks.

My goal is to make the correct content available to everyone considering a hair transplant in Turkey.

I know from personal and professional experience how significant the impact of pattern baldness can be.

Suffering from hair loss and then getting it back again is a feeling I can relate to personally.

I use my knowledge to help as many people as possible so they can enjoy getting their hair back.

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Get Your Free Consultation for a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Are you ready to take the next step?

Contact us if you want to have your situation and options analyzed by our expert Medical Consultants.

Whether it’s a hair restoration procedure, beard transplant, or eyebrow transplant procedure, we can help.

Tecnifue International Hair Clinic is one of Turkey’s top-notch hair restoration providers with a solid track record.

We have been helping patients from all over the Globe since 2012 for a hair transplant in Turkey.

James Having a Face to face Consultation before surgery at Tecnifue International


Is it safe to get hair transplant in Turkey?

Yes, it’s safe to get a hair transplant in Turkey if you choose a reputable clinic and do your research. The Turkish Ministry of Health strictly regulates and regularly inspects clinics.

What is the success rate of hair transplant in Turkey?

The success rate of hair transplants in Turkey is high, reaching up to 99% at reputable clinics. Always ask for success rates and guarantee policies when choosing a clinic in Turkey.

What can go wrong with hair transplant in Turkey?

Complications with hair transplants in Turkey are similar to other countries, including necrosis and transplanted hairs not surviving. Always choose a reputable clinic to minimize risks.

Why not to get a hair transplant in Turkey?

There is no specific reason to avoid a hair transplant in Turkey. However, it might not be ideal if you dislike flying or prefer having the procedure closer to home.

What is the recovery time for hair transplant in Turkey?

Initial recovery after a hair transplant in Turkey is one day, with most patients flying back the next day. The critical recovery period for graft survival is 10 days post-surgery.

Do you have to shave your head for a hair transplant Turkey?

Shaving your head for a hair transplant in Turkey depends on your hair loss and the chosen method. Some procedures can be done without shaving your entire head.

How many days do I need to stay in Turkey for hair transplant?

You typically need to stay in Turkey for two nights for a hair transplant. Coordinate your trip with your clinic for the best experience.

How painful is a hair transplant in Turkey?

A hair transplant in Turkey isn’t more or less painful than in other countries. Pain levels depend on your tolerance and the use of modern anesthetics tools.

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James Wilson

James co-founded Tecnifue International and has guided thousands of patients personally since 2012 in their hair transplant journey. He is a trusted voice in Turkey's hair restoration scene and your go-to source for the best insights.

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